The GEDEBE brand was born in April 2010 and created by Giuseppe Della Badia, from Naples.​

He is very talented in hand-embroidering stones and crystals, cleverly combining texture, fabrics, leather and colors.​

The collection has been refined and is a new mix that makes this rich, yet minimal collection unique.

Goutal Paris

Goutal Paris is a French Perfumehouse inspired by personal memories and personal images which tell olfactives tales. All our perfumes ar associated to a perfumed tale. Goutal Paris turns personal memories into universal emotions. Our Olfactive tales play with your emotions, blend all of your senses.. You see with your nose…. You are feeling while smelling… You can see with your eyes closed.. Founded in 1981 by Annick Goutal, the namesake brand is still driven by the same passion today. To whisper stories in the holow of your neck.

Karl Lagerfeld

The home of KARL LAGERFELD shares the iconic vision and design aesthetic of its founder, Karl Lagerfeld. ​

The brand celebrates his colossal legacy and breathes passion, intuition and inexhaustible creativity. ​

KARL LAGERFELD blends Parisian classics with a rock-chic attitude and tailored silhouettes. View our beautiful collection and shop for your favorite bag here. ​

Les Petits Joueurs

​Born and raised in Florence, Italy, Maria Sole moved to Paris at the age of 20 to find inspiration.​

After experimenting with LEGO bricks on an old handbag, Maria Sole stepped into the Parisian nightlife and styled her DIY purse with LOVE's famous lettering, only to be blown away by the huge success it entailed .​
Her bags were coveted and worn by the most famous Brazilian girls, actresses and models.​

She became an instant style icon.​

The exceptional growth of Les Petits Joueurs brought her back to her hometown of Florence in 2014, where her bag creations are produced.


Isabella Pia Ayoub is founder van de Magri tassen. ​

MAGRÌ handtassen werden geboren uit Isabella's wens om de verfijnde vrouw een gevoel van romantiek en vintage glamour te bieden, maar met een sterke moderne houding. ​

Hier vind je onze prachtige collectie Magri tassen.

Marina Raphael​

Growing up, Marina was surrounded by artists and photographers, fashion and interior designers, as well as highly regarded entrepreneurs, all of whom have played a part in influencing how she sees the world today. This was mainly women from Marina's Family. This is reflected in her bag collection: uncompromising, elegant and innovative. It is not without reason that the women of the Dutch Royal Family are proud carriers of these bags.​

As granddaughter of the founder of Swarovski, she often uses the Swarovski crystal as a touch in her bags, sometimes more visible.​

Here you find our collection of Marina Raphael bags.


MSGM was founded in Milan in 2009 by Massimo Giorgetti.​
His creative mind has succeeded in using the great tradition of Italian craftsmanship to create extremely contemporary and modern collections.​

MSGM has a free spirit and calling for all that is current and immediate.​
Massimo can view the latest trend in an original way and from different angles.​

This has made MSGM one of the most appreciated Italian brands for bags on the international stage.

NO 21

In 2010 Alessandro Dell'Acqua started a new adventure with the creation of N ° 21.​

N ° 21 offers a modern and feminine handbags collection with tricks and details from the masculine side. The mix of feminine and masculine shapes and fabrics quickly became one of the brand's stylistic features.​

N ° 21 bags are also loved by Italian and international celebrities.​

Sage & Ivy

Sage and Ivy celebrates femininity through delicate and bold fashion inspired by a profound love for history, folklore and arts. Ideas and drawings are meticulously crafted into unique pieces by small workshops and ateliers where fashion is still an expression of the imagination.​

Each collection tells a fairy tale, each single piece bears its own soul. Beneath the light glamour, Sage & Ivy handbags hide a passionately engaged activism that aims for the valorization of craftsmanship and environmental awareness.​
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Goutal Paris
Une Forét D'Or
NO 21
Bustina Small Bag​
NO 21
Bustina Bag​
NO 21
Daft Bag
NO 21
NO 21
Shopping Bag Orrizontale ​
NO 21
Shopping Bag Verticale ​
70,00 37,50
Karl Lagerfeld
Straps Wide​
265,00 132,50
Karl Lagerfeld
City Shopper Paris​
295,00 132,50
Karl Lagerfeld
City Shopper New York​
125,00 100,00
Karl Lagerfeld
Rue St. Guillaume Flat Bag​
99,00 79,20
Karl Lagerfeld
​Rue St. Guillaume Phone​
89,00 71,20
Karl Lagerfeld
Rue St. Guillaume Pouch​
125,00 100,00
Karl Lagerfeld
Rue St. Guillaume Flat Bag​
295,00 236,00
Karl Lagerfeld
Rue St. Guillaume Weekender​
89,00 71,20
Karl Lagerfeld
Rue St. Guillaume Wash Bag​
295,00 263,00
Karl Lagerfeld
Rue St. Guillaume Top Handle​
125,00 67,50
Karl Lagerfeld
Rue St. Guillaume Beachbag​
445,00 356,00
Karl Lagerfeld
Ikon Mini Top Handle​
95,00 76,00
Karl Lagerfeld
Ikon Flap Card Holder​