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Santa Maria Novella

Gelsomino/ Jasmine

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Cologne flacon

The Jasmine scent of the Pharmaceutical Perfume Workshop of Santa Maria Novella is a sweet and delicate solinota very feminine. The jasmine plant is native to Persia, where it was already used in ancient times to produce a fragrant oil. It was introduced to Italy by the Arabs around the 9th century AD. Agostino del Riccio, a 16th-century Dominican friar, expert in botany and agronomy, says: “Francis I had created a hanging garden above the Loggia dei Lanzi all full of lemon pots of several fortunes, oranges cederni, malagoli, jasmine of several fates”. This highlights how the hanging garden and pot cultivation were present in Florence in the Medici era. In Tuscany the girls used to wear a jasmine crown on their hair on their wedding day. In the language of flowers, jasmine symbolizes sensuality.