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Marc-Antoine Barrois

Ganymede Perfume


About this product

“If B683 was inspired by a souvenir Ganymede comes from a fantasy, the fantasy of a new elegance timeless and fluid “

For this new opus, the destination is elsewhere. Creating an elegant and unexpected harmony around a quartet of mandarin, violet, immortelle and suede, the two fellow artists have dreamt of this new planet : Ganymede, the rocky satellite of Jupiter discovered in 1610 by Galileo, is both luminous and covered with salt-water oceans.
It acquired its name from Greek mythology : a young man, Ganymede, was kidnapped by gods who had been so enthralled by his beauty that he was offered immortality.

Fragrance Ingredients

Akigala Wood, Immortelle Absolute, Mandarine Absolute, Osmanthus Absolute, Saffron, Violet,