Private shopping at Love The Look!

Would you like to shop in our boutique in peace and space? That is possible! On Friday evening we offer the possibility to make an appointment to shop privately with us. Would you like to try on fashion accessories, experience scents and try on jewellery undisturbed? Then make an appointment for a private shopping session. We will only open our store for you and your friends.

With us you will find products that you cannot find anywhere else in the Netherlands. Special items, with a wonderful story and unique for the Dutch market. Haute perfumes, handbags, leather gloves, hats, sunglasses and more. In addition, we offer one of the largest jewellery collections with pearls, rubies, sapphires, emeralds, brilliants and diamonds. During a private shopping evening you can fit and experience in peace and discretion.

We can show you around our boutique and share the stories behind the product with you. While enjoying a sip and a bite, we listen to your wishes and give you honest and personal advice. We would love to hear what you are looking for and with our years of knowledge and expertise we can help you find the perfect items.

There are no costs associated with a private shopping session, lasts a maximum of 2.5 hours and can be done with a maximum of 4 people at the same time.

You are very welcome!

You can make an appointment here.