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[HIER MIST DE VERTALING Veel mensen dragen juwelen, maar vaak wordt er weinig verteld wat de unieke kenmerken zijn, waar iemand op moet letten of wat het verschil is tussen de verschillende materialen]
People wear jewelry, but often little is told what the unique characteristics are, what someone should know and what the differences are between the different materials.
Very nice experience to do alone, with partner or with a friend.
Learn everything about jewelry
Our team with years of experience in the national jewellery sector are happy to share their experience with you.

Learn everything about Jewelry

[HIER MIST DE VERTALING Tijdens de juwelen experience geven wij u antwoorden op al uw vragen.
In Ancient Greek 'Adamas' which means unbeatable. Diamond is the hardest thing that occurs in nature. Diamonds are between 1.5 and 3 billion years old. The sunlight is beautifully reflected in diamonds. The quality of the diamond is determined by the so-called four C's. These four C's represent: - the Cut -the Color – the Clarity – the Carat weight.
Gemstones are natural minerals that are often formed deep in the Earth's crust or in the earth's mantle. Kristal shape, shine and colour give each gemstone its own identity. Ruby is a red gemstone, a special variety of the mineral korund. Sapphire is also a korund and these blue stones are generally classified as one of the most valuable stones. Emerald is considered the noblest stone in the beril group. The light blue beril variety is called aquamarine and the salmon pink morganite.
Pearls are a product of shellfish. They usually grow in an oyster but sometimes also in a snail. Freshwater pearls are grown in mussels in various nurseries in Japan and China. Akoya pearls are the most famous cultivated saltwater pearls and are often ivory white, creamy white or white with a soft yellow or soft pink undertone. Tahiti pearls are grown in French Polynesia and are the only natural black pearls, although there is a grey, brown, or green hue in them. White and gold South Sea pearls are mainly grown in the Northern Australia, Indonesia and the Philippines regions.

Design your own jewelry

You can come to us for an exclusive 'one-of-a-kind jewel'' Do you have jewels that you no longer wear, are no longer your taste or that no longer suit you? We can give your gold jewelry and gemstones a new life and reprocess it by creating a unique jewel, a jewel that we design with you with an eye for the smallest detail. Make an appointment with our specialist and create an entirely unique jewel that suits you.

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